Instagram Live for Windows 8

Put a feed on your desktop, even if you're not a member

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  • Works under: Windows 8
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Kelvin Davies

Instagram Live for Windows 8 is a simple app that lets you take advantage of some of the features of the social networking site without loading the full site.

While there are a lot of social networking sites that let you share photos, Instagram is one of the more popular ones. Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian have millions of followers on the site and share pictures of everything from red carpet events to family dinners. With an account on the site, you can share photos with your own followers and follow accounts that you like too.

While you might think that Instagram Live for Windows 8 will let you link your account and share photos from your desktop, it doesn't actually come with that type of integration. It's better suited for those who want to view Instagram images without logging in to their own accounts first. You can also use this app without having an account of your own too.

This app shows you the most popular images on the site and trending images. Viewing those photos can help you stay up to date on current trends before your friends do. You may even have the chance to see memes and funny photos before those images go viral. Another feature of the app is that it lets you search for photos by the tags that others used. This is a great way to see pictures of a destination before your next vacation or photos taken in your own city. Instagram Live for Windows 8 also lets you view photos by location.

Instagram Live for Windows 8 makes use of hashtags, which are short words or phrases that describe a picture or post. When you open this app, you can view the most popular hashtags of the day. Clicking on any of those hashtags will bring up a list of images with that tag. You can look for images of celebrities, holiday decorating ideas, or motivational images.

Many users dislike the interface on this app and its loading times. Once you click on a hashtag or an image, it can take up to 60 seconds or longer for that image to load. You might find that you can view photos faster on the Instagram website. There are also complaints about the general layout of the app and about the look of the buttons. If you prefer checking Instagram without having your own account though, Instagram Live for Windows 8 is useful.


  • Lets you view images without an Instagram account
  • Shows a list of trending hashtags for the day
  • Updates regularly with new photos during the day
  • Can search by tag or location
  • Offers a map of popular Instagram images


  • Does not let you use your own Instagram account
  • Images take too long to load
  • User interface is unpleasant
  • Photo resolution is poor
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